Sohrab Yazdani Consulting manages all facets of the sustainable design and LEED certification process. The services provided are driven by the client’s vision and integrated with an insightful assessment of applicable strategies on an individual project basis.

LEED Consulting

- LEED certification from concept through final certification
- Sustainable design evaluation
- LEED criteria assessment and strategy development
- Performance data analysis
- Coordination of consultants and key parties
- Specifications and specifications review for LEED compliance
- Material and product selection in design and construction phases
- Technical research

Energy Analysis

- Energy Modeling for LEED compliance – Trace 700, eQUEST and DOE-2
- Integrated Energy Systems Design – solar, wind, thermal comfort and building orientation
- Daylighting analysis

LEED Commissioning

- Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning for LEED certification
- Building energy audits
- Generate and supervise testing procedures
- Report deficiencies and issue corrective actions
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