Energy Analysis

Energy Modeling and Analysis

We work with our clients to optimize building and system designs and to estimate energy savings. We provide Leed energy performance computer simulations consulting using software such as eQuest and Trace 700 for DOE-2 compliance. We assess the use of sequential analysis of energy measures which allows utilities, government agencies, manufacturers, and architects to assemble cost efficient energy packages. Working with software developers, to continually improve the simulation algorithms and verify the results with the monitoring data. With this individualized service, we can help clients make informed decisions and avoid high energy costs and comfort problems.

Daylight Modeling and Analysis

Our daylight modeling services help client’s and project teams visualize the impacts of building orientation and form, fenestration placement and design, and interior design on natural lighting, glare, and overall illumination. The analysis will focus on the size, location and orientation of the space’s glazed opening, the properties of the glazing materials as well as an in-depth evaluation of the performance of shading devises and overhangs. Multi-Variants are taken into consideration such as performance by time of day and by time of year.

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